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On LinkedIn your most valuable piece of real estate is your Public Profile/Summary area.  What is your profile (or lack of it) saying about you?

As a copywriter, one of the first places I look for information on a person, client, or business is their LinkedIn profile.  I’m amazed at the number of people/businesses that aren’t utilizing their LinkedIn Public Profile area.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking site viewed by other businesses, colleagues, prospective clients and patients, and your competition.

If you had the opportunity to advertise (Free) your business/practice on the front page of your city newspaper, would you jump at the chance to share the benefits of your business or would you just pass it up?  I’m sure you would jump at the chance!

Similar to a newspaper, your LinkedIn profile area is your ‘Front Page’ opportunity to tell your viewers – who you are, what you do, and most importantly…how you can solve their problems.  

Here you want to list your business information, accomplishments, and benefits you and your business provide.  It can be as long or as short as you want it to be.  Medium length is a good length to create. 

You want to make sure you give your viewers the information they are looking for. List the benefits for them. How you can solve their problems, what solution they will receive in doing business with you, how you can make their life simpler-less stressful.   Answer in your Public Profile area the questions your viewers are asking in their minds, what they are looking for – why they are searching.

Your Public Profile area is where you and your business can shine. But remember, they aren’t asking about you, they are asking what can you do for them!

Make sure you also create your shorter, more professional, LinkedIn Public Profile URL, if you haven’t done so already.

Whether you create your profile yourself or hire a reliable copywriter, don’t overlook your LinkedIn Profile: Your (powerful) Front Page Opportunity!


Would you like to learn more about using Social Media to increase your online visibility, build profitable relationships, and grow your practice?  Livvie Matthews, a Certified Social Media Specialist, Blogger, and Speaker, is passionate about helping dentists leverage the incredible marketing power social media presents for their practice and their bottom line!  Email  e-mail or visit

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