PostHeaderIcon So What If It’s Not The Best Ever Blog Post?

I’ve just finshed reading The Most Horrible Blog Post Ever on Copyblogger posted by Michelle Russell of Practice Makes Imprefect.  She explores the perils of perfectionism.

I can so relate to this and how it feels.  I have had so many ideas, good ideas, but just when it came down to the final step….I needed to “add this” or “change that”, or “just tweak it a little more”. 

I “tweaked” it until I tweaked it out!  It was never quite right.  The result was, it never got completed or published.

A perfect example is I could have been on the Internet years before I actually started, but I managed to “analyze” myself right out of it. 

Until I “published” my frist website and my first ezine, I had only completed three things in my life…Sandra, Susan, and Stacey…my three daughters .

We’re of the opinion it has to be “perfect” before we can actually begin whatever it is we’re trying to do.

We’re stopped because we analyze this, and we analyze that, then…we analyze the analysis.  By that time we have contracted what’s called…Paralysis of Analysis. 

So what can you do to get the “feeling” back?  To coin a phrase…“Just do it”!  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  In fact, as Michelle stated in her post, it won’t ever be…perfect. 

The term Ready, Aim, Fire comes to mind, however sometimes we need to…Ready, FIRE, and then Aim.  The point is to move yourself forward.  You can always go back and make changes, fine tune it,…”tweak” it.  That comes from gaining knowledge and experience. 

So go ahead, write that blog post and press the publish button…write that article and submit it…research what you want to do…and do it., then go back and “tweak” it.

I know you can do it…I just did, so what if it’s not the “Best Ever” blog post!

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